All over the map with this one, but that’s why you are here right? So pop in that one earbud and let us whisk you away from work to a time when dancing fever meant that you really had a fever. Plus we have a possible UFO sighting in Alice, Texas that is making the twitter rounds sent in from a fan. Noel finds some awesome clips of sounds from above; skyquakes, motherships or the Four Horsemen themselves? To help us cover all this we are joined by Mags to help co-host this week. Enjoy!

Photo from Alice Texas, courtesy of @UFOsightings and J.Goss

Photo from Alice Texas, courtesy of @UFOsightingss and J.Goss

As old as this clip is and I’m sure the small town news team has the smallest of budgets, I’m impressed with the way the media handled the story.


One comment on “Dancing Frenzies and More Skyquakes

  1. So are the skyquakes real or a hoax to help viral promote the next alien invasion movie coming out this summer?

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