Noel and Jon run a full gamut of topics. Strange vegetation and a moving island loaded with mother nature technology start things off while the NWO releases new Monopoly game, plus more strange sounds from the sky. Noel brings us some news on a hot new secret Area 51 location. Jon gets distracted and finds an old Army video he was in and has a special treat for those that enjoy weird free movies on YouTube. The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid… Did we mention free?

Oh, that mother nature technology.

What the heck is going on here?

For the record, Monopoly teaches kids to be dicks to grandma and grandpa. Least of the games faults are the paper money.

There is something in the sky that’s making a weird noise. What is it?

What is this mysterious noise coming from the sky in northern Oklahoma City?

Check out Jon at 1:07. I didn’t know he could be fit at any point in his life. What the hell happened? (Lots and lots of alcohol Noel, you jerk.) While contemplating that thought here is a free movie courtesy of the webbernets. Much like a car crash, we couldn’t turn away and this movie is a cable classic. Let us know if you like more movie talk or keep it to another podcast.

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