Noel and Jon discuss the men in black. Who are they and what are they? Plus, we try a can of Pepsi 1893 and realize that why it exists is a bigger mystery than the MIB. Enjoy!

Jim Templeton's "Solway Spaceman"

Jim Templeton’s “Solway Spaceman”

This infamous photo shows what appears to be a spaceman standing behind Jim Templeton’s daughter during a photo op at the park. He later reports to have been visited by the “Men in Black” who forced him into their car to drive to the exact location of the picture. They got what they need and left him at the park. Is there something sinister behind these motives or just an elaborate fish tale?

daily mail shadow

This photo is the one going around the Daily Mail website. The article in short mentions how the owner of the photo can not explain why the shadow doesn’t seem to match him.  Jon thinks it’s just the light hitting the weird angled wall causing the illusion. What do you think?

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