Big show starting with Noel finding a story about another Bigfoot sighting in Asheville, TN. Was there an alien signal picked up by astronauts of Apollo 10? The audio has been public since the early seventies, but why is it just now getting a resurgence? Are there more lives lost in the Space Race than what the Russian government has released? Was it possible that a couple of brothers from Italy intercepted several transmissions of cosmonauts dying or possibly floating off into outer space? We even tap a little into the controversy of the Soyuz Project. Lots of creepy audio in this one, so don’t listen alone. Besides, we need the hits.

bushnellcambigfootI shake my head once again but Noel is convinced otherwise. Is this the best Bigfoot pic out there? Why is a deer cam photo from 2012 just now showing up?

For those that just want to sit back and chill. This video has hypnotized Noel. Then again so do shiny objects.

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