50 podcasts is a milestone for podcasts these days. To celebrate..well actually we didn’t have the budget to go all out. However, we have giant birds (with wingspans of a war canoe according to Zach),a giant sumo, and just for Noel some giant ladies. Noel even has a PSA for college kids about the evils of taking datura. So sit back, smoke some datura, and enjoy the podcast. But first, from Lionel (one of our biggest listeners from the start) sent us this clip that has been making headlines. As always THANK YOU good sir! For the rest of you please follow us on twitter @Radio_Unknown

The kid had it easier than this famous Eagle vs. Mountain Goat video. Try not to laugh hysterically like Noel.

This giant preview from a few years back is still mind blowingly strange.

Just for Noel. Although some of these ladies look shopped IMO, are they considered giants? Were tall people in ancient times considered legends?

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