We started off with good intentions and like all conversations in life one gets sidetracked easily. A 15 year standoff just outside of Dallas has ended quietly, but will the standoff in Oregon end the same? If the men had beards and a shade to their skin would the media and our government treat them any different? According to the FBI’s definition of  domestic terrorism these guys in Harney County seem to be batting a thousand in Jon’s opinion. Noel thinks that unless hostages are involved it’s not. Plus we have a real or fake story from snopes.com and Manchester UFO sightings.

liberty or death

Sweet patches! To bad they clash with each other. Unless they are being worn to be ironic.

FBI Definition of Terrorism


A picture for Noel and those that do not know about the Phobos Incident.


One comment on “The Oregon Trail of Dysentery

  1. I feel these guys should be labeled terrorists but with all the media whoring the Bundy family is known for should they be allowed to walk away?

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