Another hodgepodge of Tasty Holes of Unknown goodness. We have a Pokemoron car crash vid that happened just out side one of our fans house. Thank you to Lewis for the vid posted below. Best part is when the brakes go on past the point of no return. Gotta thin the herd I guess.

On the subject of of strange things caught on cam, St. Louis has some tourists from space checking out the arch. Last few moments really have our heads scratching.

Unexplained Lights over St. Louis

Jon gets creeped out by the haunted dolls in this vid. Courtesy of Unexplained Mysteries.


Another suggestion from a huge fan of THOU, David brings us the story of Val Valiant Thor: playboy, agent, and alien. Was he a visitor from another world helping out the Pentagon with secrets of the universe and velcro? Press play to find out and please let us know in the comments or if you like the new format we are trying out.

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