Jon finally got to watch the Stan Romanek documentary that has been out on Netflix for a while and shows Noel “mind blowing evidence” of alien contact. For years this footage has been touted in the UFO world as some of the most credible ever to be seen. UFOlogists (a term as made up as this guy’s story) were convinced of its authenticity. What were they comparing it to, Plan 9? Noel reads spooky stories for those with short attention spans. Credit goes to Lions Ground channel for posting the fake alien activity during a web interview. Below is the complete documentary Jon had to sit through. UPDATE: As of 8/11 Stan has been convicted guilty of 1 child pornography charge. Article from Denver Post. So it makes watching the doc with little girls calling him daddy kinda creepy now.

Not sure how long the link will last before getting pulled, but the good stuff is around the 15 min mark and the rest is talk.

Credit to Lions Ground for the fake alien activity video.

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